Why CanCham Bangladesh

⦁ To best promote the interests of members and convey their views to decision-makers in industry and in government.

⦁ To maintain and continually improve a working environment that fosters trade and commerce, facilitates learning and better enables members to exchange ideas and express their concerns.

⦁ Boost up the businesses through networking.

Members’ Privileges

As an active member of our Chamber, you realize real benefits through your participation in our extensive calendar of functions, events, seminars and missions. On joining, you enjoy an expanding array of business development and promotional opportunities where you:

⦁ Expand your network of key business contacts in government and the business communities in Canada, Bangladesh.

⦁ Make your voice heard as part of an influential business organization that takes your message and concerns directly to policy makers;

⦁ Effectively market your products and services through our Chamber’s magazine, web site and on-going program of events.

⦁ Learn more about issues and developments that affect your business through our trade information and our helpful seminars, panel discussions and committee meetings..

⦁ Meet new people of differing backgrounds with similar interests in a relaxed social setting at various events and mixers.

At The CanCham Bangladesh, we make every effort and use every means at our disposal to promote the business interests of each member with the people that matter most.
Please feel free to e-mail us if you have any queries with regard to privileges of membership.

Membership Procedure

The Membership Procedure is indicated below:

Upon receipt of EOI (Expression of Interest) from any company with regard to CanCham Bangladesh Membership, we ask for Company Profile (with a copy of Trade License & copy of Agreement with Canadian Company) from the interested Company. Then we send that EoI with the Company Profile to the Membership Committee of CanCham Bangladesh. If the Committee is satisfied with the Company Profile (They emphasis on business links with Canada), the CanCham Bangladesh Secretariat provides the Membership Application Form to the Company interested in CanCham Bangladesh Membership. The Membership Application Form to be filled up properly and sent back to CanCham Bangladesh.