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Canada Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a proactive, non-government body representing many members with business interests in both Canada and Bangladesh. CanCham Bangladesh, founded in 2005, is one of the Biggest Joint Chambers in Bangladesh having strong network with influential business groups in South and Southeast Asia.


Accelerate economic prosperity of Canada and Bangladesh through trade, investment and education.


With the valuable expertise of the members from different business fields from both the countries, CanCham Bangladesh is committed to serving the business community of Canada and Bangladesh promoting thereby trade and investment and economic prosperity of both the countries.


To best promote the interests of members and convey their views to decision-makers in industry and in government. To maintain and continually improve a working environment that fosters trade and commerce, facilitates learning and better enables members to exchange ideas and express their concerns.

Our Members

CanCham Bangladesh members are a diverse group of well-experienced professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge and know-how to any company, non-governmental organization, or individual doing business or considering doing business in Bangladesh. The membership is comprised of citizens from different countries, representing a wide range of organizations from small businesses and NGOs to the largest multi-national corporations in the world. Some of our members have just arrived in Bangladesh, and others have lived here for more than a decade. This diversity is our strength. The big and small and the old and new, working together on our long-term commitments for Bangladesh and its economy and its people.

Our Purpose

Our purpose as a Chamber is to best promote the interests of our members and convey their views to decision-makers in industry and in government. Accordingly, our efforts are directed at maintaining and continually improving a working environment that fosters commerce, facilitates learning and better enables members to exchange ideas and express their concerns.

Our Pledge

Our Chamber is a member-driven organization. Our pledge is to work to facilitate the trade for, and between, our members, to provide a platform from which members can address policy-makers and to add real value to the membership through our extensive program of publications, seminars, events, functions, missions and preferential purchasing arrangements.

Our Focus

Since its inception in 2005 CanCham Bangladesh has attached greater importance to Private Sector as it is the prime mover of the economy. Commensurate to the export-led economic growth policy of the Government, CanCham Bangladesh acts as the complementary force to add value to the Government initiatives. CanCham Bangladesh thrives by reinforcing and creating multiple channels to enhance linkages with the Government as well as with the Private Sector. As a Private Sector driven organization, the mandate is to facilitate trade in between Canada and Bangladesh. The priority areas are to increase people to people contact, increase export diversification, IT and IT outsourcing access and also involving Bangladeshi Diasporas in Canada for investment here at home.


  • Bi-lateral trade volume has gone up to C$ 3 Billion in 2019.
  • MoU with Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) to enhance investment from Canada.
  • MoU with Trade Facilitation Office, Canada to help SMEs in Bangladesh to penetrate into Canadian Market.
  • Strong Networking with Joint Chambers through preparing Memorandum of Articles to delineate who will what.
  • Acknowledgement as an unofficial envoy in furthering the cause of cooperation in trade and investment in Bangladesh.

CanCham Bangladesh Secretariat

The CanCham Bangladesh secretariat is manned by a group of professional staff with high academic qualifications and experience.
The team is indicated below-

  • Muin Sadick : Executive Director (Current Charge)
  • Mostafijur Rahaman : Deputy Director (Accounts)

For any further query with regard to CanCham Bangladesh event, promotional platforms or services, you are welcome to contact any one of our team members.

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Message from President's DeskMasud Rahman

With great pleasure, I would like to welcome you to the website of the Canada Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CanCham Bangladesh)!

CanCham Bangladesh is a proactive, non-profit body representing many members with business interests in both Canada and Bangladesh. CanCham Bangladesh founded in 2005, is one of the biggest Joint Chambers in Bangladesh having a strong network with an influential business group in Asia and Canada. We represent a united voice to the key policymakers, discuss matters of common interests of members to improve the business ecosystem and provide a stage for opportunities in Bangladesh, Asia and Canada.

It is our immense pleasure to share with you that the current bilateral trade between Canada and Bangladesh have reached over CS 3 billion in 2019. Our target is to take over CS 5 billion by the next few years.

We are here to provide our services, activities, advocacy, diverse membership and basic information about the business landscape both of Canada and Bangladesh. We aim to serve as a center for networking, information, and advocacy for all our members. Being the pioneer trade promotion organization (TPO) and joint chamber in Bangladesh, we have always played a leadership role in helping this country build on its unique status and regional or global importance.

As a president, I would like to make sure CanCham Bangladesh remains the leading foreign joint chamber in Bangladesh and strive to deliver more value to members and to raise a stronger voice in the public debate and to the government.

We extremely value the trust that you have placed in us. With unstinted support and guidance of the High Commission of Canada in Bangladesh and the High Commission of Bangladesh in Canada, we hope to build stronger trade, investment and education link between Canada and Bangladesh in the days ahead.